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Source Carving Wood Online

I live in the desert where I can’t walk in the woods to find a fallen branch and the type of wood in my area isn’t anything that I want to carve. I do utilize my local lumber yard, but sometimes they just don’t carry what I’m looking for. I haven’t found a reliable source that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg on Amazon. Therefore, I went on a search to find a good online source for wood.

I’ve discovered two sources that act as your local lumber yard by providing high quality basswood that is pre-cut or cut to order. I found them by scouring the Internet to find two companies that started to appear in multiple reliable sites. Other than being a customer, I am not affiliated with either company.

  • Arrowhead Wood Products which are physically located in Carlton, Minnesota. They offer ordering and have wonderful customer service.
  • Heinecke Wood specializing in carving wood since 1995. The also provide great customer service, but you must order by calling or sending an email. 

I hope this helps any others that may be looking for a quality online sources for carving wood.

Rogene, Artisan

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